Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Galaxy S3 Task Manager Launcher

If you have a galaxy s 3, then you know that you cannot launch the built in task manager until you press and hold the menu button and click task manager, i have created a app that links you directly to it by just one click.
Download it today!

Get it on Google Play

Apex Launcher Theme

I have drifted into the realm of creating Apex Launcher Themes, and there will defiantly be more to come and update to the 3 i have official released. Check them out below!!!

 Droid RAZR Apex Theme
Check it out on Google Play 

 Galaxy S3 Apex Theme
Check it out on Google Play 

 HTC Sense 4.0 Apex Theme
Check it out on Google Play

JellyBean Go Theme & Locker

I have updated my JellyBean Go Theme to include a Locker theme. Here are some more screenshots of the theme.
Check out HERE

NEW ICONS for Existing Themes

I have now redone several existing themes with new app icons to look better and updated and clean up some code. Check out a few of the updated themes below. Galaxy S II Go Theme
See Here Galaxy S3 Go Theme & Locker
See Here Galaxy S3 ICS Go Locker
See Here HTC ONE (Sense 4.0) Go Theme
See Here HTC ONE (Blue) Go Theme
See Here HTC ONE (Red) Go Theme
See Here ICS 4.0 Go Theme&Locker
See Here

Monday, July 9, 2012

Comming Soon....

I am currently in development of a few different applications right now, they are very difficult since i am not the best JAVA coded. Therefore in development right now are a few different apps. 1.Remind Me A reminder application similar to a notepad/Task Application. The application allows you are to set a Task with a Date and Time alarm and a body of text for you to input what you need to be reminded about. Hoping to have it in its beta stages on the market soon and will be updating accordingly. 2. Clock Widgets i have been working on developing a few clock widgets, currently i am working alot with the analog widgets but will be look into digital widgets soon. Be on the lookout for more of those on the market soon. 3. GPS/Navigation App I am working to create a application which will allow you to navigate to your images you have taken from your camera. 4. More Go Launcher/ Go Locker Theme i am always look for new ideas for themes for Go Launcher and Go Locker. Be on the lookout for a few more themes within the month that will be out soon.

iOS 6 Go Theme

Are you a apple fan and wished that your carrier or you could have a iphone. Now you can spoof yourself and your friends in the having the latest and greatest version of iOS on your device. Check out the Official IO6 Go Launcher EX Theme. This theme for your android turns your device into a similar new iOS6 styled device. This theme includes tons of original iPhone icons, iPhone icon backgrounds (Make your existing icons iOS icons), 18 HD Wallpapers (More to Come) iOS Style App Drawer and iOS theme menu. iPhone iOS 6 Go Theme Click Here

JellyBean 4.1 Go Theme (Released)

The new JellyBean 4.1 Go Theme has been release and its available for download. Please check it out guys, youll love it. Similar to ICS but with some awesome new HD backgrounds and transparent App drawer background and High Res Icons. Check it out here

Clock Widgets

JaisonBrooks Development has started to make Clock Widgets, Currently i have only produced 2 Analog Clock widgets and are working on more and more as i can. Check these 2 Clock Widgets: Samsung Galaxy S3 Analog Clock Widget HERE
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Analog Clock Widget HERE

Galaxy S III Go Theme/Locker

Please check out the Galaxy S3 Go Theme & Locker theme on the market, Currently app version is 2.7 and included with a whole lot of great theme icons, wallpapers and styles to make your Android device extremely comparable to Samsung Latest Flagship device. Check it out Here