Tuesday, October 30, 2012

JaisonBrooks|Development on the Amazon App Store ***On Sale***

I have uploaded 3 Apps to the amazon app store where they are currently on sale for only **$1.00**

You can head over to the amazon app store and get the following at a discounted price

Galaxy S3 Theme
HTC Sense 4.0 Theme
LG Optimus 4X HD Theme

Head over their now at the following link


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nee BlackBerry OS theme coming soon!!!

In currently working in building a blackberry theme with some BlackBerry icons I have created myself. Its coming soon I'll be sure to post it on here when its ready. Thanks

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

*NEW THEME* LG Spectrum Launcher Theme

Hey guys the LG Spectrum Launcher theme has been released. Check it out here below!!!!!

Click the Images above and checkout the new theme!!!!!

**NEW THEME**HoneyComb Launcher Theme

Officially just release my new Android HoneyComb OS Launcher theme for APEX LAUNCHER and NOVA LAUNCHER. Features all the official stock Honeycomb Wallpapers and Icon and even similar blue purple color style throughout the app and themes. Check it out below!
HoneyComb Theme

Enlighten Mobile Re-Realeased

Enlighten mobile has now been released with version 1.9.4 with a new Capture features where you can capture anything you are looking with the application. You could be inside your dashboard or array and capture a image and show your friends or post on your Facebook or whatever. Check it out on Google Play, Just search Enlighten Mobile and look for the big [e]

Friday, October 12, 2012

Enlighten Mobile 1.9.2 Beta (Unpublished)

So Google Play has remove Enlighten Mobile BETA from the Google Play store. That may be why you guys whom have Enphase Energy Solar Systems looking for the app have not be able to see it in the store. However i have great news, I worked with Google To have the application reinstated.

It will be available soon. Currently working on a new update for the application.


I am working on 2 new themes (LG Spectrum) Launcher Theme and (Honeycomb HD Launcher Theme).

They should be released within a week or two.

There are already looking pretty awesome. :)!!!!!

Apex Themes to Launcher Themes

Im currently working on turn all my Apex theme into Apex and Nova Launcher Themes. Currently i have redesigned the Galaxy S3 Apex theme which is now know as the Galaxy S3 Theme, As well as the former HTC Sense 4.0 Apex Theme is now turned into HTC Sense 4.0 Theme. Check them out on Google Play, they have been redesigned and new icons with each of them.


HTC Sense 4.0 Theme

Here is my Update List for the rest:
+LG Optimus 4X HD - Currently working on it
+Moto Droid RAZR
+Motorola RAZR HD/M
+Galaxy S Theme

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The new JaisonBrooks|Development Application Comming Soon

Want to stay up to date on the new applications availible by JaisonBrooks|Development, you will be able to with this new application im working on. The application will included all the up to date information on the Themes, Wallpapers Selectors, and Apps produced by Myself, It will also allow you see my blog directly from the App, Send a support Email, App/Feature Request, and more. Be on the look out for it on here and/or JaisonBrooks|Development on Google Play

Galaxy S3 Apex Theme Updated to 2.0

Includes the following in the update
+More Wallpapers, Now there is around 16 wallpapers total.
+Cleaned XML Code to include more of the included icons.

Enlighten Mobile Updated to 1.9.1

New update added the following
+New Enphase Styled Progress Bar, No View changing just a horizontal bar
+Worked on Source code to improved stability
+Added Deactivate Splash Screen Option.

Sorry about Updates to the blog!

My apologies viewers for not updating my blog as frequent as i am releasing new applications and updates, I have been swamped with my Full time job which isn't developing and trying to manage my Blog here and supporting my existing apps and writing new ones. I appreciated all the support and feedback from you whom has emailed me on request's and issue's. My goal is to ensure this blog is up to date with the most recent information related to my development.


Borderlands and Zelda Wallpaper Apps

So i don't know if anybody has been but i recently have release a wallpaper app for the new Borderlands 2 video game by Gearbox. The wallpaper app is free and includes a lot of the official HD wallpapers from Gearbox and more. The wallpapers are both in portrait and landscape and can be accessed really quick and easy with the launcher built into it. 

I have also uploaded a Legend of Zelda wallpaper selector app for $1.00 you can have access to some really cool wallpapers from the serious of Zelda games produced by Nintendo. Click the images below to check them out!

Borderlands 2 Wallpapers

Legend of Zelda Wallpapers

Galaxy S3 Theme & Space and Time ROM

Super excited, My theme on Google Play the Galaxy S3 Apex Theme has now been integrated into its first a ROM. The ROM is called SPACE & TIME 0.8  and was developed by XDA Developer RM57380 Check out the ROM here @ http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1903510 and http://forum.frandroid.com/topic/111108-rom-lpg-403aromaotajkay-supportcall-recording2909space-time-08-by-rm/