Saturday, December 29, 2012

Theme Updates "New Tablet UI" // The New Year Ahead

Hey World,

I first want to start off by saying we apologize for the amount of updates within the month of December, with the holiday it has shown us less time to consistently update the themes, and whenever we have a bug fix, new icons, UI changes, we want to make sure you get them as soon as possible to ensure the end user experience is at its greatest. However i understand that constantly having to update our themes is a pain, especially if there just bug fixes and not much added really. We have now to go a point and schedule with the themes and the new 2013 year will bring us alot of great opportunities to come. We appreciate all of our current user's, past user's and soon to be user's of our software and website.

Now as part of some of the last updates for 2012, We have updated most all of our Launcher Themes to version and above with a new Tablet wallpaper UI, this ensures when using our launcher/theme on a screen over 7 inches, you will have a nice UI when selecting the wallpapers and get a better feel for what they look like.

New Tablet Wallpaper UI

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